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Life Skills Coaching

What is life coaching?

Life coaching draws from a number of disciplines which include sociology, psychology and career counselling.

It has been used for many years in business and in sport to provide guidance and support and to instil self belief and confidence.

The Client and the Coach work together to identify goals which are then broken down into achievable modules.

The Coach will offer strategies to overcome any setbacks and give motivational support so that the Client can remain committed to their chosen objective

And what to expect

Together we will look at your particular problem or goal and you will be taught how to prioritise and organise, initiate change, avoid barriers to achieving your goals and effectively handle change.

I will support and encourage you to increase your confidence, assertiveness and personal effectiveness, which will encourage you to think very positively about achieving the goal of a productive and happy life.

“I'm not perfect... But I'm enough”

Carl Rogers
Julia Sales Counselling

Some of the Life Skills that you can learn:

Becoming assertive

Better decision making

Coping with authority

Exam/Revision planning

Handling criticism

Interview techniques

Communication skills


Sleep, diet and exercise

Understanding risk

Problem solving

Working alone or in groups