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What is counselling?

Counselling is a relationship of trust where the Client feels able to discuss feelings, beliefs and thoughts that may be the cause of distress.

The Client will be offered the opportunity to express and explore stressful feelings in a way that emotionally involved family and friends may find difficult.

A Counsellor does not offer advice, but rather works with the Client so that he or she feels more able to make decisions and choices that will lead to positive changes in the Client’s life.

The Client and Counsellor will work together to enable the Client to learn the skills to recognise current and future problems, in order to deal positively with the emotional distress that they cause.

And what to expect

A Counsellor will offer impartial support and complete confidentiality in an unbiased way.

Counselling offers the Client an opportunity to confidentially discuss dilemmas that can be the cause of distress in a complex and changing world.

Counselling provides you with the opportunity to be listened to and can offer you a different perspective on your life, encouraging change that will give you positive choices for your future.

The aim of Counselling is to reduce your emotional distress so that you feel empowered to go on to lead a more contented and fulfilling life.

"Our greatest weapon against stress is the ability to choose one thought over another"

W. James
Julia Sales Counselling

Some of the aspects of life which people bring to Counselling:

Adolescence issues

Exam anxieties and planning


Anger Management



Chronic Pain Management



General Emotional Distress

Gender and Sexuality issues

Loneliness and Isolation


Relationship difficulties

Self Esteem

Low confidence